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BBC Front Page News

Can Humza Yousaf unite the SNP?

Humza Yousaf faces several challenges as he takes over as SNP leader and Scotland's first minister.

Clearview AI used nearly 1m times by US police, it tells the BBC

Clearview AI has been used by the police nearly a million times in the US, it tells the BBC.

Israeli PM delays legal reforms after mass protests

His proposed changes provoked an outpouring of anger from nearly all parts of Israeli society.

Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash trial: Accuser heard 'blood-curdling scream'

A man suing Gwyneth Paltrow over a ski crash says it sounded "like someone was out of control".

AskTen - Nine things you may not have noticed last week!

1. How to make better decisions. We make thousands of decisions each day, but not all of them lead to success. When we are overwhelmed by the number of decisions we face each day, it’s easy to make a poor one that leads to failure. The solution is simplifying our lives by reducing the number of decisions we make. We need to focus on doing a few things right to avoid doing too many things wrong. This means being absolutely clear on the smart choices we need to make every day. READ MORE >>

2. Mind the gap. New data from the Office for National Statistics shows that in the UK, 69% of leadership positions are held by men, a marginal drop from 2016, when the figure was 71%. And in industries with a historically strong male presence, such as manufacturing, the gap between women and men in senior roles is even more prominent. What can businesses do to progress more women into leadership roles? Please share your thoughts with us and we’ll feature them in our next leadership article. CONTACT US >>

3. Report shows ‘startling’ disparities. A new study found that being born into one of the wealthiest areas of the country adds an average of 12 years to your life. After analysing data from the Office for National Statistics, the campaign group Health Equals found that children in Hampstead, north London, can expect to live to 88, while those born in Glasgow have a life expectancy of 76. Revealing the “startling” regional disparities, it warned that poor housing, substandard education and poverty were “cutting short millions of lives by over a decade. The Times

4. What’s the best question to ask your interviewer? It's an inevitability in a job interview: "Do you have any questions?" As a candidate your answer should always be "yes". But what should you ask? Be strategic by asking explicit questions about what you would be expected to accomplish in the role and the skills they are looking for. These questions help the hiring manager visualise you in the role. You could, for example, refer to something in the company's annual report to show you've done your research, or ask about DEI initiatives and flexible working to help you understand the culture. Let us know your favourite question by taking part in our latest poll, where you can also suggest your own. VOTE HERE >>

5. Long Covid risks new inequality. Two-thirds of workers with long Covid have faced unfair treatment in the UK, according to a new report. The government must act to ensure long Covid sufferers receive the support they need from employers, said the TUC and the charity Long Covid Support, or it will risk creating “new, long-lasting inequalities”. In the analysis, based on responses from more than 3,000 long Covid sufferers, people report harassment, not being believed about symptoms or threatened with disciplinary action. One in seven said they had lost their job. The Guardian


6. The environmental impact of bottled water. Bottled water's reputation in Europe as a luxury item which tastes better and is cleaner than tap water should be challenged, scientists have said in a new UN report. The bottled water industry is booming, after a 73% increase across 2010-2020. This increase is adding pressure to dwindling groundwater supplies in Europe, and elsewhere, according to researchers. The plastic used in the bottles is also contributing to pollution. The report authors argue that alternatives for the packaging should be found and that more robust water policies should be enacted globally. CNN

7. Sleep is a priority, not a reward. Getting enough sleep could add years to your life, a new study has found. While poor sleep can have the opposite effect. 8% of deaths could be attributed to lack of quality sleep, according to a new study presented to the America College of Cardiology [ACC]. Researchers found that good sleep habits boost men’s life expectancy by 4.7 years, while women life 2.4 year longer on average. Scientists do not yet know the reason for this discrepancy, but they advise five pillars of good sleep hygiene, which are: 1. 7-8 hours of shut-eye a night; 2. Sleep should be uninterrupted more often than not; 3. You shouldn’t have trouble getting to sleep more than twice a week; 4. You should feel well-rested on at least five mornings a week; 5. You shouldn’t be taking medication to help you nod off. ACC

8. Royal approval ratings plunge. The approval rating of the royal family has slumped to its lowest level for 12 months. The Prince of Wales’ rating has slipped by 10 percentage points to 59% since December. The ratings of the Princess Royal and Princess of Wales have fallen by seven and 11 points respectively. The latest Ipsos poll suggests that all senior royals have been affected by the “fallout” from the publication of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, Spare and the continuing saga surrounding the Duke of York, who is reportedly considering writing his own memoir. The Telegraph

9. Finland named happiest country. The happiness movement shows that well-being is not a ‘soft’ and ‘vague’ idea.” Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for the sixth year running in an annual UN-sponsored index. Britain slipped two places to 19th. The World Happiness Report, first published in 2012, is based on people's own assessment of their happiness, as well as economic and social data. It considers six key factors, which are social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption. It also found that satisfaction rates had remained remarkably stable since 2020, despite the pandemic. Daily Mail

10. The bottom line. Around 1.6 million schoolchildren in England (22% of the total) were reported as persistently absent in the last school year, meaning they missed 10% of sessions. More than 120,000 children missed half or more of sessions, up from 60,000 in 2018-19. The Telegraph

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